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So you have some questions

Where can I get my Arizona marriage license? 
To obtain a marriage license in Arizona the engaged couple must both be present and appear together at one of the Justice Court offices. You must bring a government issue ID, provide your social security number, and be over the age of 18. No blood test or waiting is required. Arizona marriage license are good for up to twelve months. We also recommend ordering a few certified copies of your license so it is easier after the wedding day when changing your last name! More on the Maricopa County marriage license HERE.
We are happy to mail in your marriage license for you as it must be returned to a clerk of the Superior Court within 20 days of your wedding day.

What is a covenant marriage license?
In the state of Arizona a couple can apply for a covenant marriage license. This requires additional steps when applying like submitting a declaration of intent, additional counseling and the couple can only become divorced by specific reasons. You can read more about a covenant marriage here. 

What do you wear? 
We dress in dark, neutral colors to not take away form the gorgeous couple. When we can we like to match a tie or element to our outfit to your wedding colors so we look more apart of your special day. 

Do you attend the rehearsal? 
If you have a wedding planner or venue coordinator then we do not need to attend the rehearsal. If this is your first wedding and you do not have either of the above then we highly recommend having us at your rehearsal. We do charge an additional $100 to be there to run the rehearsal smoothly for you, your family, and bridal party. There is an additional charge because we will not be able to take on another wedding that day and can fully focus on you!

How long are your ceremonies? 
They are usually anywhere from 20-30 minutes long. This is all depending on how many readings and traditions you want involved. Of course, it can be made shorter or longer depending on your vision. 

Can we include a specialty ceremony within the ceremony? 
Yes of course. We have done everything from a sand ceremony, unity candle, even a shot of whiskey with your guest! Whatever is important to you we will be sure to incorporate and can share different ideas. 

Do you have a “backup” officiant if anything were to happen to you? 
Yes! We have a team of fun, licensed, and insured officiants that fs anything were to happen to the one you have booked we have a back up! This doesn’t happen often so don’t stress, but if it does they will be fully looped in on your ceremony and touch base with you as well. 

Do you provide a microphone or your own sound system? 
No, this will be provided by your DJ. We prefer a handheld mic over a lapel but can make either work! 

Do you have any rules we should know about? 
The only rule we have is that if the marriage license is not signed during the ceremony that it must be signed directly after. The photographer will not be allowed to take the couple off for photos until after the marriage license is signed. 

Are your ceremonies religious? 
Each one of our officiants have different spiritual or religious beliefs that you can read about in their bio. They are happy to incorporate any specific scripture or recommend passages or poems that fit best with your love story, but most of our ceremonies are non denominational. 

Can you help with a name change? 
Yes! About 2 weeks after your event we will send you a link to easily change your last name by the comfort of your couch! We will also send out a link to review us at this time as well! 



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